Writer and journalist
Man of fields. Farming consultant
Financial activity
Polist. Social and sport events
Genealogy & some family history
Polist. Tourism, sports and entertainment development

He traveled everywhere practicing the pole - his favourite sport-
obtaining numerous national and international trophies. Standing
out between these, the Casa de Diputados 1971 trophy, the
Argentine Championship of 1975 (handicap), the Canada trophy (open).

Enrique counts with more than 40 years of practice and in continuous activity teaching polo
to young people,
such as advising in the raising and buys and sale of polo horses too.


Some important foreign trophies: Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) Open championship, International Championship of Uruguay, Barcelona (Spain) championship open, and Germany Open.  


Supervision of designs of golf courses, development of parceling and resorts.
Polo fields designs.






Preparation, sale and selection of polo horses.
Schools of learning. Purchase sale of horses.




Worldly man, expert skier, golf player, hunter and
enthusiastic of the fly fishing. He doctorated in
Public Relations in Dale Carnegie Courses.

Hunting: ducks and doves.

Fishing: with fly.

Ski: integral assessment

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