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Genealogy & some family history


Alonso Gassiebayle
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Enrique Gassiebayle
Laplacette San Martín

Enrique Laplacette-San Martin: Arrived from France at the Rio de la Plata in 1847, graduated with the Bachelor of Agronomy -a degree in those times- with a letter of recommendation from the Gral. San Martin, to the consulate of France in Buenos Aires, to be advised on the purchase of fields. So he buys his first land in San Antonio de Areco at La Isabel ranch. And he builds a mansion in center of the city whose villa reached the Areco river. That building was donated to the Municipality of San Antonio de Areco where the municipal palace works today. In 1877 buys to the Gral. Emilio Mitre a great parcel of land that included part of the district of Junín, Lincoln and Gral. Viamonte, which is today the Laplacette station and part of Rancho el Tata Ranch.
Their children Raul and Juan were deputies between 1890 and 1911 (of the Conservative Party).
On February, 20th of 1882, Juan Pedro Gassiebayle and his son-in-law Felipe Solanet -both French- found the El Cardal ranch, in which today is Solanet station, Ayacucho district. Roundups of the majadas Lincolns and mestización with Shorton formed. Political outstanding family also, between her descendants Emilio Solanet begins very early at the beginning of the 1900 with the young of horses of Creole race and is in her famous field where the Cat and Spot are born, that arrived with their guapeza walking spear the United States.

Enrique Laplacette San Martin. He was born the 3 of August of 1830 in Lourdes (Lurbe). He died the 26 of August of 1904 in Rosary of the Border, Rep. Argentina and he was buried to him in the Cemetery of San Antonio de Areco, Province of Buenos Aires. Enrique Laplacette San Martin married with Margarita Elizabet Safontás Aspe the 1 of April of 1859 in the parish of San Antonio de Areco.

Margarita Elizabet Safontás Aspé. She was born the 19 of November of 1834 in Prechacq Josbaig, France. She died the 22 of December of 1918 in San Antonio de Areco, province of Buenos Aires; she was buried there. Margarita Elizabet Safontás Aspe contracted marriage with Enrique Laplacette San Martin the 1 of April of 1859 in the parish of San Antonio de Areco.

Pedro Laplacette. He was born approximately in 1800 in France. He married with Magdalena San Martin in France.

Magdalena San Martin. She was born approximately in 1800 in France. She married Pedro Laplacette in France.




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