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Enrique Gassiebayle was columnist of newspapers and cattle magazines.

He has entered with remarkable success in the world of Literature.

Its novel Victoria is a romantic story in times of violence. It obtained the Argenta award for the novel of the year.

Its last book is also a great success in sales Cuentos del Estribo, a "gaucho" story of polo and tango.

Still writing the announced essay and is working in the idea of a love and romance novel titled Isabel.

His books can be acquired in all good bookstores. For distribution, request AGSA by calling 54-11-4384-6888.

It is possible to get them at Yenny bookstores, El Ateneo, Tematika.com (by Internet), ACME (Arenales and Suipacha), Cinco Esquinas (Libertad and Juncal), OBEL (Corrientes y Libertad), Platero (Talcahuano and Lavalle), Distal (and subsidiaries), Cúspide (and subsidiaries), etc.

Magazine shops : La Biela, Ezeiza (airport), Jorge Newbery Airport, Patio Bullrich, Retiro's Terminal of omnibus, Alvear Palace, etc. In the provinces: in Las Leñas, Cariló, Pilar Shoping and others. In the outside: in Punta del Este, Costa Rica and Miami. Specialization: Book edition, distribution, advising, literature speeches of current affairs.

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